Heating module VM-94

The heating module type VM-94 with manually adjustable electronic control and indication of heating power including built-in lighting is designed for heating the work area in medical facilities wherever it is necessary to ensure a stable ambient temperature during:

  • treatment of newborns in wards, delivery rooms, observation boxes and examination tables in paediatricians’ offices
  • in intensive care and resuscitation units in the NICU.
  • In operating theatres, it plays an important role in stabilising the body temperature of hypothermic patients.

The device consists of a metal module coated with baked powder varnish.

The module contains a ceramic heat source controlled by an electric controller with indication of operation and heating power level.
A diagnostic system repeatedly checks the operating status of the device. In the event of a malfunction, it triggers a light and acoustic alarm and switches the unit off.
The desired power is set manually using a touch-sensitive washable keypad.

The LED heating indicator light continuously indicates the immediate operating status of the device.

The built-in light source ensures sufficient illumination of the work area.

The instrument is available in the following variants:

  • VM-94 wall-mounted heating module
  • VM-94 heating module on a mobile stand

The adjustable arm for wall mounting or the mobile stand are always included in the selected variant.

Technical parameters:

  • Instrument protection class: I
  • Heating power: 0-600 W
  • Supply voltage: 230/50 V/Hz
  • Power input: max. 650 W
  • LED lighting: 4000 K
  • Weight (according to variant): 20-40 kg
  • Dimensions (h x w x l): 1750 x 400 x 1000 mm