Universal heated water baths
BW-S / BW-5 / BW-10 / BW-50

They are designed for all clinical and laboratory workplaces for precise and safe heating of bottles and bags with medical materials such as infusion solutions, blood derivatives, food and other substances according to the needs of individual workplaces.

The devices consist of a sheathed support structure and a stainless steel tub with a lid. A double bottom, a nozzle system and a powerful pump made of plastic or stainless steel ensure proper mixing of the working load during operation and thus an optimal temperature distribution in the working area of the bath.

The heated bottles/bags are loaded into the bath using stainless steel baskets. The baskets are supplied in several standard versions or are custom-made according to the need and purpose of use.

All types of baths are controlled by a microprocessor temperature controller.

BW-S has a fixed heating temperature of 37.5°C. This parameter can only be changed by an authorized service technician.

BW-5, BW-10 and BW-50 are controlled by a touch keypad. The user can select the desired mode of operation (time and temperature parameters) or select 1 of 10 programs loaded into the memory of the device. The individual programs can be modified during the production of the device according to the specific requirements of the customer. Continuous self-diagnosis verifies the set and operating parameters of the instrument. In the event of a deviation, it notifies this condition by an optical and acoustic signal and switches off the heating. Thus, excessive water bath temperature cannot damage the heated solutions.

Dimensions: w x h x d

  • BW-S 270 x 330 x 550 mm
  • BW-5 270 x 330 x 500 mm
  • BW-10 400 x 330 x 500 mm
  • BW-50 700 x 950 x 750 mm

Technical parameters:

Instrument protection class: I
Power supply: 230/50 V/ Hz
BW-S 350 W
BW-5 350 W
BW-10 700 W
BW-50 2000 W
Temperature range: 30 – 65 °C
Accuracy: 0,1 °C
Standard number of (bags a500 ml / bottles a250 ml):
BW-S 4/8
BW-5 4/8
BW-10 8/12
BW-50 20/50
Volume of water filling:
BW-S 5 l
BW-5 5 l
BW-10 10 l
BW-50 50 l
Dimensions (w x h x d):
BW-S 270 x 330 x 500 mm
BW-5 270 x 330 x 500 mm
BW-10 400 x 330 x 500 mm
BW-50 700 x 950 x 750 mm