Heated bed for newborns and infants LN-91G

Standard care for newborns including basic treatment in delivery rooms.
Stabilization of hypothermic conditions of newborns.
Treatment of hyperbilirubinemia of newborns with highly effective LED phototherapy.
Administering infusions and performing exanquinations.
Treatment of pathological newborns during controlled ventilation in the NICU.
Performing surgical procedures in the NICU and pediatric surgery departments.
Preoperative and postoperative intensive care in paediatric and neonatal wards.

Basic device configuration:

  • mobile stand with four traveling swivel casters (2 of them with brake)
  • upper heating module with 2 heating elements, built-in surface lighting and space for phototherapy installation
  • hydraulically infinitely adjustable bed (+/-22°), 650 x 800 mm, hinged plastic sidewalls
  • set of shelves: 3 adjustable for hanging on the stand, 1 fixed under the patient’s bed
  • adjustable infusion solution holder, 10 x 25 mm euro rail
  • electronic temperature controller module with manual and automatic proportional modes temperature control, self-diagnostics, 2 temperature sensors
  • touch keypad control, set of safety sound and light alarms
  • complete wiring for connection of other devices

Optional accessories:

  • heating pad HM-13
  • high-performance LED phototherapy with blue light
  • central oxygen distribution with 4 outlets
  • oxygen extractor with vacuum control
  • APGAR time module integrated in the central stand
  • halogen spotlight on flexible arm
  • plastic oxygen tent with a diameter of 500 mm
  • clamping rail system, O2 cylinder holder
  • height adjustable stand – ECMO variant (linear electric motor – 300 mm stroke)

Technical parameters:

  • Instrument protection class: I, type BF
  • Supply voltage: 230/50 V/Hz
  • Power input: max. 1000 W
  • Power of the heating element: 600 W
  • Bed area LED lighting: 8/230 W/V
  • Spot LED lighting: 6/12 W/V
  • Weight by variant: approx. 95 kg
  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 1900 x 700 x 1050 mm

Eye protection must always be used when applying phototherapy. MDM safety glasses are very suitable.

Technical parameters MDM safety glasses:

  • Protective glasses small – circumference: 24 cm
  • Protective glasses medium – circumference: 30 cm